Class Format

All classes begin with an inspirational intention while students begin their breathing and relaxation in resting pose. During, students flow through a variety of different yoga poses while music plays. In closing, time is provided for rest and reflection in final resting pose. Aromatherapy is offered, and the instructor closes with encouraging + empowering words. 

All Skill Levels

(+ to +++++) indicate the level of difficulty of each class. At Living Waters, we encourage all students to approach their mat each time, meaning each class will be different. Modifications, child's pose, and props are available to each and every student in each and every class. 


A totally de-stressing and relaxing experience. Stretching and breathing with most postures on the floor. Comfortable props and blankets will help you relax. This class is designed to stretch the body, calm the mind. This soothing practice allows for solitude, prayer, and meditation. 



This restorative type, stretching practice is designed to allow the body and mind to calm and refresh.   The poses are practiced with the support of props, allowing the body to further deepen into each pose. This practice is offered mid-day to relax and refresh the body.  Enjoy a nice mid-day treat for body and mind.



This practice is designed to meet your threshold.  While your movement slows down as you hold the pose, the breath will bring you deeper into the pose.  Challenge yourself to this slow burning experience.



This practice helps open up the hip joints and elongate your muscles as well as develop core muscle tone. “Hold that pose!”  A perfect practice after a hard work out.



This challenging practice offers poses that incorporate strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance.  Poses are held longer to build up your strength and endurance.



Combination of our City Strength and Gentle practice.  This class allows the body to awaken and the mind to refresh.  It is a slightly challenging class encouraging the physical body to exert strength while gently transitioning into poses.